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Adventure and Travel

Wings Over Canada Wings Over Canada
Canadian Wilderness Aviation Series
73 x 30 minutes available now

Whether you want aerial views of majestic scenery, quirky interviews with folks living off the grid, a step back in time to walk in the footsteps of pioneers, or to explore unique arts and cultural destinations, Wings Over Canada delivers some of the most interesting and compelling human moments.  This series, now an aviation classic, takes a lighthearted look at Canada, its people, history and customs.  No subject escapes our flight crew as they work their way from ghost towns and remote fly-in fishing lakes to gold mines in search of the next unique adventure.

With humour, good will and a self-deprecating manner that many have come to identify with the quintessential Canadian personality, our pilots celebrate the natural beauty and authenticity of Canada's diverse landscape.


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Discovering Great Towns Discovering Great Towns
Adventure Travel Show
16 x 30 minutes available now

Join us for two different seasons and be taken on an amazing personal journey along the roads less travelled to locations across North America and beyond in Discovering Great Towns.  From big cities and bright lights to remote communities and spectacular natural settings, you'll see it all.  You'll meet the locals, see the sights and learn about some of the secrets that make each town unique... but destination isn't everything, half the fun is getting there.  Experience all the ups and downs, twists and turns, unexpected breaks and occasional setbacks that mark any great trip into the unknown.


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John Lovelace's Canada John Lovelace's Canada
Coast-to-Coast Discovery of Canada by Air
1 x 1 hour special
Available now

See a Canada you have never imagined.  Released as the countdown began for the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Columbia, the show is an introduction to the places and people of our country.  Taken from over 1000 hours of footage shot over an eight-year period, the show captures the wilderness and majesty that is Canada.

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Steve Fossett The Last Flight of Steve Fossett
1 x 1 hour special
High definition
Available now

This definitive one-hour documentary examines one of the most compelling mysteries of our time: the shocking disappearance of multi-millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett, one of America's leading aviation legends.

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